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wazzup bitchez - september 2nd, 2001

holy shit life is wild. my personal life is a wild ass bitch. not really but kinda. i've been tryin to get myself together / my life in check and it's going really well. I take my (2nd because my 3rd brake light was out the first time LMAO) driving test on October 10th, I take the SAT on the 6th (and will probably take it again which i think will be in december? idk i'm not that bright i'll probably have to retake it ... LMFAO), and I am going to be working as a busser at a local restaurant because of my lovely best friend Taylor. I could've easily gotten the job last week but i panicked and declined the offer for now (LIKE A DUMBASS) but literally the only bullshit excuse i can muster up is "iM nOt DriIiIiViNg!1!" .. smh. it's all good though because the manager is related to her so I can get the job when i'm ready!! (aka when i stop makin bs EXCUSES to WORK...!!!) bleh. lastly i've been hanging out with some interesting new but not really new people lately that i used to dislike because of ... misleading information and its been really good! i guess that's all the useless information i have to say, thank u for reading if u did, i know some of you can't resist. have a nice day and uhh bye..

shitwriting while stoned - august 17th, 2001

so it's like 4:16pm, it's mondayy.. i'm sick. bleh. everytime i cough my back itches and that's fun. i'm rlly boreddd but browsing geocities is fun. i love this site so much. i'm currently trying to decide whether i want to play Half-Life or Counter-Strike ... today has gone by really fast. i haven't really done much but gone to school and work on this website. i've been on the phone with one of my old friends that I knew my sophomore year at Katy High School for the past hour and am really glad that we're catching up. all that's planned for the rest of my day is uhh... eating, going walking, then taking a fat ass nap until 5AM b/c school. idk who cares i doubt anyone reads this :-P