tHeSe ArE mY dEePeSt ThOuGhTs...

iM sO pOpUlAr! - May 17th, 2007

hai every1! OmG! sooo me nd my homie tracy aka brattygirl92 on myspace were chatting on AIM tonite and we like soo could not stop talking abt avril lavignes new album!!1! its soooo gud.. its called the best damn thing and it came out last month and it like is so totally the! hav u heard it if u havent then like.. wahtre u doing? bein a fuckin loser thats what!!! ur so not cool if you dont listen to avril. girlfriend is like my fav song evar!!! ugh anywayz... school is wayyy whack. all thes ugly ppl acting liek theyre cool when they r really just POSERS!!!! like take a chill pill fatty.. LOL! my teachers are s0000 anoying likee, talk to the hand cuz none of the shit they say matters rite? im so rite.. like always because im sooo cool! god boiz fuking SUCK! i waz talkin 2 this HOT boi at skool but he didnt even want to talk to me because im "full of myself" like whatever major loser ur loss anyways babes! who wuldnt luv me? LOL! im so perfect. anywayz... i hav bettr things 2 do like be pretty and make u jealous! byeeeeeee!