The Jigsaw Youth - Bikini Kill Digest is basically an email mailing list. Some people think it's like a message board. I created the digest so Bikini Kill fans could easily communicate with each other and learn stuff and talk about the band and anything else on their mind. Topics of conversation on the list, however, do not have to be about the band at all, they can be about your zine, band, your family, your problems, or anything. The only *requirement* is that you like Bikini Kill. This is not a list for those who wish to bash Bikini Kill or ask stupid questions like "Is Kathleen a lesbian?" or "Did Tobi fuck Kurt?" Those questions are really no ones business and irrelevant. The digest gets sent out by me everyday (or almost) through email. I send it BCC so people don't accidently hit "reply to all" so the entire digest gets a post twice. As of now, the list has over 400 people on it and is growing everyday. If you would like to be added to the digest, please email me and put "subscribe" in the subject.